Saturday, November 19, 2011

5x7 Folded Card

Rejoice Lord King Religious Christmas Card
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reflections on Familiarity

There they were, a few guilt-inducing words plastered boldly across my blog dashboard:  "Last post August 2, 2010."  I can't believe nearly a year has passed since I last put pen to paper -- errr, fingers to keyboard.  I realize that my time has been limited these days, but wow...
Road home (moving day), courtesy of my sis-in-law Denise
Today, as I was driving down the winding, tree-lined road that leads home, I found myself remembering a time when I couldn't make this drive without thinking about how blessed I was.  For someone who grew up surrounded by the browns and neutrals of a dry, hot desert, being able to pass by bright green trees and colorful wildflowers every day seemed incredibly special.  Lately, I've barely noticed the scenery. 

Not that long ago, I was so excited to decorate my new office, and now -- despite being holed up in it for hours and hours every day -- I can't even remember the last time I actually looked at the faces staring patiently at me from those pretty frames.
Yesterday evening, just as I was packing up my belongings to head home, my boss came to my office to tell me that there was a tiny buck munching on the flowers outside his window.  My boss knows how much I love wildlife and thought I might want to go outside and take a picture.  Even a few months ago, I would have jumped at the opportunity.  Now?  "I don't have the energy," I told him. 
What is it about familiarity that makes us stop paying attention to the simple things that once brought us joy?  While I'm grateful for my wonderful neighborhood, for my amazing job, and for Colorado wildlife, sometimes I just forget that I am.  Certain things in my life have become so familiar that I don't even think about them anymore.  I often say that I'll never grow tired of looking at Pikes Peak -- or that the breathtaking view from my company's property will never stop taking my breath away -- but I wonder if these statements are really true.  I sure hope so! 

One of my prayers this week is that God will help my loved ones and me to see all that's around us with fresh eyes each day.  I don't want to miss out on the sense of awe, wonder, and excitement that seems to accompany new experiences and relationships.  I yearn for a thankful spirit, a heart of praise for everything with which I have been blessed, even the "small" things like the scenic, tree-lined road that leads me home.

Good night!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Our Next Fifty Years

I came across this adorable video and had to share it with you. A sweet elderly couple decided to use the piano in the atrium at the Mayo Clinic to lighten the mood and make each other (and others) smile. A major reason that I married Aaron is because he makes me laugh. We bring out the goofy and the silly in each other, and I hope we're continuing to do that fifty years from now. Enjoy!

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